• Our Pledge
    “We are dedicated to client satisfaction. We want to be certain that every candidate, every placement is a success. If you’re not satisfied at any step of the way, then we’re not satisfied. That’s why we make a three-point pledge to all our clients.”
    Victoria James, President, Victoria James Executive Search, Inc.

Our Full Service Pledge
We pledge to provide you and your firm full service before, during and after placement. We promise to represent your company as if we were an extension of your team, dedicating ourselves to getting to know your company and its culture, giving you top priority when it comes to the search process and assigning highly experienced recruiters to work with you. During the recruiting process we will provide you with only the most qualified candidates. And after placement we will continue to work with you and your new hires to help ensure their success.

Our No Poaching Pledge
We will never poach any employee we place with your firm. Furthermore, we will do everything we can to ensure that each and every placement goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Our No-Fault Placement Pledge
We guarantee all candidates for an agreed to period of time. And we will commence a replacement search if needed, at no additional cost.

  • "At Victoria James Executive Search we value honesty, directness, openness and collaboration. We also value our professional relationships and that’s why we are committed to providing our client companies with superior talent that will give them the competitive advantage needed in today's rapidly changing business environment."
    Victoria James, President, Victoria James Executive Search, Inc.
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