B2B Marketing Jobs and B2C Marketing Jobs

Overview: Business-to-business (B2B) marketing jobs and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing jobs have a lot of things in common, but can be distinguished by the sale of one company’s product or service to other companies (B2B) or consumers (B2C).

Both rely on similar principles of consumer marketing, but consumers tend to make decisions more quickly based on price, popularity, status and other emotional triggers, while buyers in the B2B world tend to require more time and make decisions based exclusively on price and profit potential. In general, consumers expect some benefit from their purchase, but don’t weigh the financial risks as heavily as businesses do.

You’re expected to know this if you’re recruited for a B2B marketing job or a B2C marketing job, and you’ll be asked to build campaigns that connect with this business or consumer mindset, accordingly. You may utilize Pay-Per-Click or outdoor advertising, direct and online content marketing, storefronts, and discount offers to do so, where you’ll need to convert the businesses or consumers as efficiently as possible. (1)

Hubspot writer Jacqueline Zenn outlined a number of other useful distinctions between B2B marketing jobs and B2C marketing jobs:

  1. Marketers may use industry jargon to good effect on B2B platforms, but the voice must be more sympathetic and relatable to consumers on a B2C platform. So simpler language is encouraged and buzzwords are usually frowned upon.
  1. Drivers matter. B2B audiences are usually seeking efficiency and expertise, but consumer audiences tend to look for deals and entertainment. As such, B2B buying decisions are likely to be rationally and logically driven. Consumer choices, by comparison, tend to be more emotionally triggered (by hunger, desire, status or cost).
  1. B2B clientele want to be educated and provided with expertise. “They often want to look like the workplace rock stars or heroes thanks to their excellent decisions. B2C customers just want to enjoy themselves, be happy with their purchase and have it adequately fulfill the needs mentioned in No. 2,” says Zenn.
  1. Lengthy content usually works for B2B since the brand or business may need to demonstrate its expertise and give its target audience a reason to purchase. Consumers generally like something short and snappy, especially for lower-priced B2C products. (2)

Educational Requirements: Candidates we recruit for B2B marketing jobs or B2C marketing jobs typically possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a closely  related field like advertising, accounting, economics, mathematics or statistics. Some marketing managers may also be expected to possess master’s degree, such as a Masters of Business Administration, especially where a technical skillset is required. For example, the fast-growing market research analyst job segment usually requires a master’s degree in market research, marketing, statistics, or business administration. Though many in B2B jobs and B2C jobs have worked their way up into the role through exceptional performance and experience with no more than a high school diploma.

Hiring Trends: Growth in B2B marketing jobs and B2C marketing jobs remains strong. Data-related marketing jobs, such as market research analysts are expected to increase by 32% by 2022 and employment of advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is projected to grow 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (3)

What’ more, growth fueled by the digital marketing industry means that most organizations will add more content marketers over the next year—54% of marketing teams plan to do so, according to recent Kapost survey of 500 global marketers. This is a boon for younger employees, where more entry-level marketing jobs will be available than ever before, including social media specialists, which are expected to experience 42 percent job growth. (4)

Expected Salary: The Bureau of Labor Statistics placed the median salary of those working in B2B marketing jobs and B2C marketing jobs at $140,660 in 2015, where the best-paid made more than $187,200 and the worst-paid made about $66,090. Those working for securities and commodity exchanges, oil and gas extraction, and other financial services firms were among the most highly compensated, and were typically found in states such as NY, CA, NJ and DE. (5)

Typical Job Description: The typical job requirements found in a B2B marketing job description might include the following, as delineated by the folks over at America’ Jobs Exchange: This sample may assist HR talent professionals who need to create a job application that will attract qualified candidates, as well as job candidates who are seeking to understand the specific job duties and requirements of B2B marketing jobs.


  • Recognize and reach out to clients in businesses.
  • Pitch products and services.
  • Develop presentations.
  • Create and assess a business marketing strategy.
  • Develop competitive pricing strategies.
  • Follow through with customer and ensure satisfaction.
  • Oversee product development.
  • Create collateral to distribute during presentations.
  • Advise businesses on local, national, and international trends.
  • Develop sales quota targets.
  • Anticipate revenues.
  • Develop relationships with vendors.
  • Demonstrate company products and solutions.
  • Satisfy technical needs during sales cycle.
  • Articulate competitive positioning.
  • Offer free or reduced trial periods for products.
  • Record customer interactions in lead tracking and customer issue tracking systems.
  • Follow up with leads aggressively.
  • Solicit feedback on products and services. (6)

Whereas, typical B2C marketing jobs might require additional skills, such as oversight and coordination of various B2C campaigns while directing teams in research, reporting, and communications.

They may be asked to:

  • Identify target segments of a consumer market for B2C marketing purposes
  • Identify trends, including how and why consumer buying patterns change in a given target segment
  • Initiate and direct consumer research, and advise their clients on B2C strategy based upon their findings
  • Keep their company informed about the various consumer segments that make up the business’ core, new, and potential customers
  • Interact with product-development teams over new products that might appeal to one of more of the identified B2C targets (7)


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