3 Factors that Are Changing the Recruitment Process in 2021

3 Factors that Are Changing the Recruitment Process in 2021
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Even as the American economy begins to recover from the past year, the way we work is forever changed. This means that hiring must change as well. Here are 3 factors that are changing the recruitment process in 2021. 

Focus on Diversity and Inclusion During the Recruitment Process

The notion that more diverse groups of people make better decisions isn’t political grandstanding. It’s business science. Diverse groups of people are more innovative, more productive, and make good decisions more often and more quickly than homogeneous groups. In other words, diversity in the workplace is good business.

In 2021, companies are finally making diversity and inclusion a priority. This means not just hiring people from different backgrounds but also providing the resources and infrastructure to allow them to be successful. 

While candidates should not be pressured to reveal personal information they don’t feel comfortable sharing, recruiters should be mindful of how the total of a candidate’s background and experience could benefit the company. 

No one likes to be tokenized, and such a process is detrimental to the company as well. The recruiting process must emphasize a candidate’s professional experience first and foremost. Recruiters should also be able to demonstrate that their companies practice inclusion in a meaningful way. This will help not only attract diverse employees but retain them.

Transition to Long Term Remote Work

While working from home has its challenges, remote work is also beneficial to both employees and companies. People who work from home appreciate saving time and money on commuting. The flexibility of working from home is also a benefit. It’s especially important to parents, who can more easily manage childcare duties when not confined to an office. 

Working from home allows employees of major companies to live in lower-cost neighborhoods or states. They can more easily purchase property and maintain an overall higher standard of living than if they lived in the higher-cost areas where their companies might be based. 

Companies are reaping the rewards of remote work as well. Hiring remote employees allows businesses to draw top talent from a national pool instead of just a regional one. As they garner better employees through remote hiring, companies can reduce or even eliminate overhead costs on expenses associated with in-office workers, like rent for office space and utility bills.

Remote work is here to stay. Recruiters need to adjust by focusing more on qualifications than geographic proximity. Recruiting for credentials and experience first is a win for everyone. 

Employer Branding

As companies across America compete for top remote talent, employer branding matters more than ever. Candidates who aren’t interviewing or working in person want to know what kind of company they are joining. Enter the nebulous yet deeply important notion of the “company brand,” 2021’s strongest recruitment tool. 

At its core, a strong company brand reflects how employees are treated. This could mean anything from competitive compensation to healthcare and childcare benefits. In an in-person work environment, a company culture of regular events and activities outside of work can be a selling point. Regardless of whether a potential employee is in-person or remote, they will always be interested in a company that provides ample opportunities for professional growth and development.

A strong company brand also demonstrates how the company sees its role in society. That could mean ethical business practices, giving back to the community, or even taking a stand on political or social issues. Effective recruiting in 2021 hinges on being able to show off your company’s brand. That means your company needs to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well. 

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Victoria is an accomplished direct and digital marketer with more than 20 years of industry experience. The Founder and President of Victoria James Executive Search, Inc. direct and digital marketing search firm, she has had a successful and accomplished career, holding senior level sales and marketing management positions in companies such as Citicorp Diner’s Club, Donnelley Marketing. Victoria understands the need for premium talent in the Direct and Digital Marketing industries, is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association, NEMOA and other associations, and holds an Executive MBA from Bernard M. Baruch College. Contact Victoria today to learn how her team of recruitment experts can accelerate your efforts and help you quickly accomplish your goals.


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