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  • Marketing Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: Marketing Manager - Manage the development, planning, budgeting and implementation of integrated business-to-business marketing campaigns. Ideal candidates are analytical, creative and have experience in conference marketing.
  • Marketing for recruiters

    The Three Craziest Things We’ve Heard In Job Interviews

    We take great pride in the services we provide to human resource professionals and hiring managers. We vet our job candidates, making sure their qualifications and motivations are the best fit for our client organizations and hiring managers. We get it right 99.9% of the time - you see, sometimes job candidates have a mind of their own. Here are the top three craziest things we’ve heard in job interviews. Use this as a mental checklist—a boundary of where not to go in a job interview.
  • Marketing Technology Consultant / Technical Architect

    STATUS: CLOSED - Our client seeks a Marketing Technology Consultant/Technical Architect who will join our client’s growing consulting practice. This exciting company has major customers and a dynamic growth environment, and you’ll find opportunity to innovate at the intersection of digital and big data.
  • Enterprise Data Architect

    STATUS: CLOSED - Our client seeks an Enterprise Data Architect to join their growing consulting firm (Marketing: Customer Engagement) - Innovate at the intersection of digital and big data.
  • Pre-Sales Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job description: a Pre-Sales Manager is needed to support customers through the sales process and assist Sales and Alliance teams during pre-sales.
  • Digital Marketing Director

    STATUS: CLOSED - The Digital Marketing Director will direct the development of all digital acquisition campaigns and drive strategy around a holistic digital customer communications plan.
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