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  • Senior Marketing Director – Cardio – Pharma

    Status: CLOSED - Our Client seeks a talented, CPG & Pharma brand marketing director to define superior customer experiences that drive engagement and business results.
  • Marketing Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Our client seeks a Marketing Manager who will be responsible for driving the business solutions offered to the financial services/accounting profession and for development and implementation of marketing plans and programs with an emphasis on relationship building with accounts.
  • Direct Marketing Director

    STATUS: CLOSED - Our client, a leading automotive marketing company, is seeking a Direct Marketing Director with a track record of balancing the art and science of direct marketing to drive ongoing growth, to build brand equity and awareness for each of our key clients by developing and executing defined, pro-active marketing strategies.
  • Senior Marketing Director

    STATUS: CLOSED - Our client seeks a Senior Marketing Director to define superior customer experiences that drive engagement and business results.
  • hvdma
  • tightrope022020

    Successful Executive Recruiting: Experience, Passion and Determination

    Listen to this interview with Victoria James, Founder and President of Victoria James Executive Search on The Dan Smolen Experience and learn the depth and breadth of experience, passion and determination that fuels Victoria's approach to successful senior-level executive recruiting.
  • tightrope022020

    Tackling The Work-From-Home Dilemma (Again)

    Is working from home right for employees at your organization? The answer depends on a number of factors and the pros and cons have to be weighed against the unique demands and goals of each individual organization. Consider three things when making an evaluation.
  • Campaign Manager

    Job Opening: Campaign Manager (Stamford/Norwalk, Connecticut) - manage a portfolio of shows and events with responsibility for development of campaign canvasses, campaign delivery and technical management, execution and review of campaigns. Experience with Eloqua.
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