65 results for product development

  • Sales Director – Fine Art Multiples

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: Sales Director – Fine Art Multiples (Virtual location) - lead the profitable achievement of revenue and growth objectives associated with the market and channel
  • Senior Digital Marketing Associate

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: Senior Digital Marketing Associate (New York, NY and Connecticut) - work with marketing to manage and execute B2B integrated marketing campaigns to support customer acquisition and retention.
  • Marketing Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: Marketing Manager, B2B (New York, NY and Connecticut) - position services to raise brand awareness in the marketplace, drive commercial growth and customer engagement/satisfaction.
  • VJES-112

    Poll: Is Likability More Important Than Competence At Work?

    Do you think it’s more important to be trusted than competent at work? Are personality factors, such as warmth and likability, actually more important than being good at your job when it comes to longevity in a particular position? What’s your take on it? I’d love to know. Click now to join the conversation!
  • Director North America Operations (US/Canada)

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job opening (Fairfield County, Connecticut)-work to support the US/Canada Operations team to implement strategic plan initiatives; implement strategies to improve the Customer Experience; coordinate strategic initiatives to better leverage the efforts of the N.A. Operations Team.
  • Global Loyalty Lead – Consumer

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening (Fairfield County Connecticut): Responsible for the global vision, direction, development and success of the consumer loyalty program, including marketing, consumer insights, country-specific benefit identification, training, deployment, customer support, operations, and KPI performance to enhance consumer perceptions of the Brand.
  • HR Generalist/Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: HR Generalist/Manager - participate in activities related to recruiting, new hire orientation, employee relations, benefits, compliance, performance reviews, payroll, and disability, leaves of absence, worker's compensation and employee programs.
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