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  • Director/Vice President, Analytics and Measurement

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening (Fairfield County Connecticut): Work closely with IT to convert “big data” into business value; guide a team to help the business better understand sales performance and optimize marketing effectiveness both domestically and globally. Background in retail analytics, digital marketing and CRM preferred.
  • Sales Manager Jobs

  • tightrope022020

    Strategic Talent Acquisition Versus Recruiting: What’s The Difference?

    There’s usually business pain attached to hiring and job search processes, and the job of a recruiter is to help you eliminate that pain by strategically accomplishing both your current and future goals. Learn the difference between recruiting and HR talent acquisition, and how the team at Victoria James Executive Search can position you to achieve a favorable outcome.
  • Digital Marketing Director

    STATUS: CLOSED - The Digital Marketing Director will direct the development of all digital acquisition campaigns and drive strategy around a holistic digital customer communications plan.
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