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  • Campaign Manager

    STATUS: CLOSED - Job Opening: Campaign Manager (Stamford/Norwalk, Connecticut) - manage a portfolio of shows and events with responsibility for development of campaign canvasses, campaign delivery and technical management, execution and review of campaigns. Experience with Eloqua.
  • stamp

    Direct Mail or Email? Stamp or Swoosh?

    Direct mail or digital marketing? Kim Davis of DMN reviews the state of play with these two standbys and how they measure up in his article "Direct Mail or Email? Stamp or Swoosh?"
  • Sales Director, Media Intelligence

    STATUS: CLOSED -Job Opening: Sales Director, Media Intelligence (Eastern U.S.) - a talented, experienced Sales Director is needed to lead a team of Business Development managers for a major, name-brand provider of media monitoring and marketing intelligence solutions.
  • tightrope022020

    Poll: Is EI (Emotional Intelligence) More Important Than IQ?

    Do you favor IQ-related factors over skills of emotional intelligence when working with new hires and developing new hires into leaders? We want to hear from you - weigh in today!
  • tightrope022020

    Talent Professional: When Is It OK to Poach Talent From Other Companies?

    As a talent professional, you’ve been charged with finding and hiring the best talent possible, whatever it takes, but where should the line be drawn, ethically, when it comes to finding top talent? Here are 5 issues to consider related to poaching talent from other companies.
  • Who we do it for

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