The questions below are the questions most frequently asked by our candidates. If your question is not included, or you wish to comment on any aspect of our site, please feel free to email us at vjames@victoriajames.com or call us at 203-750-8838. We look forward to working with you.





Will my resume be kept confidential by VJESI?

Yes! We understand the importance of confidentiality. It is our goal to establish meaningful long-term relationships with all our candidates.

What type of digital marketing and direct marketing positions can I expect to hear about from VJESI?

VJESI is an experienced, well-connected direct marketing search firm that deals primarily with executive and middle management positions. For more information about some of our recent placements, click here to see our currently active Job Listings or click here to see a sample of past Job Listings

Is it important to choose an executive search firm such as VJESI that specializes in my field?

Of course. Professional executive recruiters understand your field of expertise. We have in-depth knowledge of the companies in your field and existing contacts and relationships with leading firms. This results in faster, more efficient and more successful placements.

Should I mail my resume if I have already registered online with VJESI?

No. VJESI will confirm your online registration, so it is not necessary to follow-up.

After I register online, should I follow up with VJESI via telephone?

Not necessary. We will contact you as soon as we identify a position that fits your credentials and requirements. Rest assured, we use sophisticated database storage techniques to access your information and conduct searches.


Will VJESI contact me before submitting my resume to a company?

Always.  And only after we are both sure it is a match. When we identify an appropriate position we will contact you for permission to present you to our client.

Is interviewing with VJESI different from interviewing with an employer?

No. You should present yourself as if you were dealing directly with an employer. It is very important to be open with us because the more we know about you the more likely we are to successfully place you in the right position. And establishing a good working relationship from the start leads to a positive long-term relationship that can have a significant impact on your future career goals.

If I am not interested in a position that VJESI presents to me, should I pursue it just for the experience?

No. We do not encourage you to pursue a position that you know is of no interest to you.

Once I have established a relationship with VJESI, should I notify you if I change jobs or relocate?

Yes, please send us an email. We like to keep track of you throughout your career.

If VJESI calls me when I am not currently looking for a job why should I call back?

Yes. Even if you are not interested in finding a new job, you may have an opportunity to assist someone else—it can be a positive step toward reaching your own professional goals. We make every effort to help all our candidates achieve their career ambitions. That goes well beyond a single job placement. If you need career advice or guidance, we encourage you to email or call us. We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

  • "Our job is to prepare you for success. The moment you submit your resume we begin searching for an appropriate position, a position that will bring you the most fulfillment. Your success is our success."
    Victoria James, President, Victoria James Executive Search, Inc.
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