Write your resume to capture the attention of a prospective employer, stimulate interest and get you an interview.
  • Produce a professional looking product—computer generated or professionally printed, organized and easy to read. You want to make an immediate favorable impression.

  • Print on good quality white, off-white or light gray paper.

  • Proofread, use spell check and correct all grammatical errors—we cannot stress this point more strongly.

  • Ask several friends or colleagues to proofread and comment on your resume.

  • Be conservative in your use of underlining, capitalization, fancy type, italicizing and bolding. Keep your presentation simple and easy to read.

  • Include personal contact information (name, address, phone number, email and fax number), a clear objective, experience (company name and location, dates employed, skills, responsibilities, achievements, etc.), industry associations and education.

  • Detail your responsibilities and use industry buzzwords to catch the employer's attention. Indicate skills and training that are relevant to your job search, for instance: software/systems experience, particular management techniques practiced, personnel supervisory experience, etc.

  • Use positive, action oriented words to describe your accomplishments.

  • Attach specific dollar amounts, percentages or numbers to your accomplishments and achievements.

  • Do not include references—list them on a separate piece of paper and submit them when asked.

  • Do not include personal information such as height, weight, age and marital status.

  • Limit your resume to two pages. (Yes, it can be done!)

  • Include a personalized cover letter that summarizes your skills and experience, your interest in the position, salary requirements and contact information. Make sure your cover letter is enthusiastic and to the point.
For more information on resume writing, click the amazon.com link below and query for "resume writing." You will find a number of helpful reference books.