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  • Once you register with us online, via the mail or over the phone, we immediately review your resume and classify your experience in order to add you to our database of candidates. Registering gives you access to a "hidden job market" with leading direct marketing companies.

  • When we receive a suitable opening, one of our recruiters contacts you to discuss your skills, experience, salary requirements, career goals and geographic preference. Because it is important to match your skills and personality with a suitable company, we may not contact you immediately after you register—please do not get discouraged, we are waiting for the right opportunity to present to you.

  • We present you with all the information about an opening to see if you are interested and to obtain permission to submit your name to the client company.

  • We set up an interview, provide you with information about the company and the hiring manager, prepare you for the interview, and give you feedback after the interview. We assist with all negotiations when an offer is extended.

  • We help you through the resignation process from your current company if you so desire. It is important to remain professional and leave your current company on good terms.

  • We conduct all of our searches in strict confidence. You will not be responsible for paying us any fees.
  • Update your resume before you send it to us.

  • Be prepared to discuss your experience, career goals, salary, corporate culture requirements, benefits and geographic location when we call you.

  • Be honest about your skills, experience, preferences, salary, education, references, etc.

  • Be up front with us when we contact you about a position—let us know if you are not interested.

  • When we set up an interview, take time to research the company and find out as much as you can beyond the information we have given you.

  • Do not get discouraged if you don't get a call from us immediately. We are trying to find the right job for you—this takes time.
Will my resume be kept confidential by VJESI?
Yes. VJESI knows that it is imperative to maintain confidentiality so that we can establish meaningful long-term relationships with our candidates.

What type of direct marketing positions can I expect to hear about from VJESI?
VJESI deals primarily with executive level and middle management positions. For more information about some of our recent placements, click here to see our Recent Searches.

Will I have to pay a fee to VJESI?
No. VJESI is paid by the employer to locate a candidate.

Why is it important to choose an executive search firm such as VJESI that specializes in my field of direct marketing?
VJESI understands your field of expertise. We have in-depth knowledge about the direct marketing industry and existing contacts with leading direct marketing companies. This results in faster and more efficient communications.

Should I mail my resume if I have already registered online with VJESI?
VJESI will confirm your online registration, so it is not necessary to follow-up via mail.

After I register online, should I follow up with VJESI via telephone?
We will call you when we receive a position that fits your credentials and requirements. We use sophisticated database storage techniques to access your information and conduct searches.

Will VJESI contact me before submitting my resume to a company?
Yes, we contact you to receive permission to present you to an employer for a specific position.

Is interviewing with VJESI different from interviewing with an employer?
Not really, VJESI represents the employer so you should present yourself as if you were dealing directly with the employer. It is very important to be open with us because the more we know about you the better we can place you in the right position. And, establishing a good working relationship from the start leads to a positive long-term relationship that may impact your future career goals.

If I am not interested in a position that VJESI presents to me, should I pursue it just for the experience?
We do not encourage you to pursue a position that you know is of no interest to you.

Once I have established a relationship with VJESI, should I notify you if I change jobs or relocate?
Yes, send us a letter or an email. We like to keep track of you throughout your career.

If VJESI calls me when I am not currently looking for a job why should I call back?
Returning our call makes for a good relationship and excellent networking. Even if you are not interested in finding a new job, you have an opportunity to assist someone else—this is a positive step toward developing your own professional networks.